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Home Energy Answers Goes to Vinalhaven Island

Posted on August 15, 2012

Home Energy Answers spent a week in July out on Vinalhaven Island where we did Residential Energy Audits and completed 8 Residential Direct Install Weatherization services. Vinalhaven has a uniquely difficult situation in that they have a much higher exposure to the elements (increasing the natural air flow through the homes), a much older housing stock, much higher costs of heating fuels, and typcially, a much higher cost of repair work to tighten the homes up. But utilizing the RDI program through Efficiency Maine, and in working in coordination with the Island Institute of Rockland (and their grant to offset the higher costs) and the Vinalhaven Energy Club (thanks to everyone for their hard work and coordination), we were able to offer services at a reasonable price. We hope to do the same for the other 14 annually inhabited islands off the coast of Maine.


Efficiency Maine officially released the Residential Direct Install Program

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As a move to help all Mainer’s get energy evaluations done, AND get their home weatherized, Efficiency Maine has created a program that will pay Energy Advisors $300 towards and audit, and 6 hours of airsealing. It’s not a reimbursement to the home owner as previous programs have done, but paid directly to the approved advisor.


Efficiency Maine Air Sealing Promotion

Home Energy Answers is participating in a new program aimed at improving comfort as well as lowering your overall home heating costs. Visit the Efficiency Maine website for further details or call us today to get started eliminating those cold drafts in your home!